Workshop in BUDAPEST (HU)

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Topics: Buda Royal Castle and castles, forts, palaces, churches on the riverside of DANUBE - Presentation and Relations with the History of the Visegrad4 Countries Good practice exchange AR/VR and other visualization and update IT, IoT facilities – opportunities for museums castles, forts, palaces, churches Museum-management Crowns by Rivers as a brand of the region, or preparation for joint actions in the Far Eastern, Overseas, Western Markets CROWNS OF RIVERS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE BUDAPEST VENUE Budavári Palota B épület – Buildings “B” of the Hungarian National Gallery /Buda Castle/ DATE 18th November, 2019

  • Date: 18-11-2019 09:00 AM - 14-11-2019 03:00 PM
  • Location: Budapest, Magyarország (Map)
  • More Info: Budavári Palota B épülete a Magyar Nemzeti Galéria Tanácsterme Buda Royal Palace B block in the Conference room of the Hungarian National Gallery (Each participant may place advertising flyers on the provided tables. Access to the venue is recommended on foot from Dísz tér or Dózsa György tér via the entrance to Lovas Street with the National Széchényi Library lift.)



9:00 Registration


  • István SZILVÁSSY President, Association of Hungarian Settlements’ and Regions’ Developers (MTTSZ)


  • Ministry of Human Capacities(tbc)
  • Local government of Budapest Capital (tbc)
  • Government Commissioner(tbc)


  • Crowns of the Serbian Danube

PE „Belgrade fortress” - Marija RELJIC Acting Director 

  • Crowns of the Slovak Danube

Bratislava Castle Museum - Mgr. Peter BARTA Director

  • Crowns of Vistula

Sandomierz Royal Castle - Dominik Kasper PLAZA Director

11:30 Coffee Break / Networking


of Chinese, Russian, European tourists


  • Q&A


5G and the visualisation of cultural heritage, opportunities in exhibitions of museums (tbc)

  • Presentation of AR Works Ltd.
  • Q&A

14:00 Closing time / sandwich lunch


What was the purpose of this output?



On JWG session: Overview of tasks and how existing backlogs are addressed. How and with which project partners should proceed with this project.

About some question of running the project and to be ready for translation all texts of partners’ castles.

Discussion of the opportunities in further joint applications.

On Workshop:

To introduce the opportunities and goals of the network of castles, fortresses, palaces on the Danube.

To represent some useful possibilities of IT (the virtual and augmented reality) for participants.

To see what cooperation is possible in the field of tourism especially in a common promotion, campaign towards European and global markets.


What did you achieve with this event/product? How did it contribute to the fulfillment of the project objective set in the application?

The versatile, progressive relationship between the Buda Castle and Hungarian history has been demonstrated in relation to other partners.

The JWG meeting – after the workshop - reviewed the practical steps that partners would take in the future at bilateral and multilateral level:

- sending trainees to each other

- a joint "travelling" exhibition on the historical connections between the castles

- a competition between teams of castle professionals and volunteers in the media

- creating a joint tourism product from its services and potential opportunities for partners along the route Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, Sandomierz (plus Warsaw / Krakow) and along the Danube, along the Vistula. This will pave the way for the registration of a European Cultural Route at the European Council

- make a common plan for study tours participated tour-operators, of outbound tourism companies from the Global market, chiefly Chinese and Russian relation and professional media, and realize it from the budget provided by national tourism resources.


Event: How was the event promoted? 

Product: By what means did you promote and disseminate the product?

It was a weakness, because in the management of Buda Castle is not interest to collaborate not only civil organizations neither each other of actors.



1.) 20 copies of the seven-language booklet on Partner Castles from the Lead Partner to negotiate with inbound tourism businesses

2.) some flyers about the castle in seven languages for visitors, sent by post from the Lead Partner and to replicate as needed

Additional information are continually being put on the project website, which can be disseminated locally by the partners through their own communication system.

Target groups:

Which target groups were involved in this output and in what way?

What was the number of people within each group?

What was the balance in respect to V4 countries?

Attach attendance list/s or other proof/s of involvement/participation to the Final Report, when possible.

Only the Polish partner was absent, but he sent a video flash for participants.

Definitely the opportunities of the CR’s scope is interest for target groups.

  • 19 ps: representatives of castles museums
  • 1 ps : local government
  • 1 ps: tourist agent (but more of them could not sent a representative but signed their interest in the thema)
  • 2 ps: IT enterprise (AR Works Ltd.)
  • 4 ps of MTTSZ
  • 2 ps of media and other
  • (List in attachment)


Describe each partner’s involvement in realizing this output.

Summarise the strong points and weak points of your partners´ involvement within this output.

The time was not enough, only it was a touch, but everybody wants to follow the contacting (museums and tour-operators). Further it began to make documentation to plans and for follow the project.

These goals (see above) and to know how are capacities at partners is a strong point and the latter is same as the weak point.